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Keep your home at its best with reliable plumbing care from your experts at Point Loma Electric and Plumbing.

An important part of owning a home is knowing how to tackle those unexpected problems. For many homeowners in the San Diego area, this includes your plumbing system. While most people only think about their toilet or water heater when considering the plumbing system, there is a lot more that goes into it.

Not only can a plumbing issue leave you without the use of some of the best areas in your home, like the kitchen and bathroom, but in some cases, it can cause extensive damage to your valuables and even your electrical systems. Because of this, it’s critical to have a plumbing company you can depend on.

At Point Loma Electric and Plumbing, we’ve been serving the San Diego area for over 32 years! You can always count on us for quality care, flat-rate pricing, and 100% customer satisfaction.

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San Diego Plumbing Services for Older Homes

Updating or repairing your home’s plumbing systems is simple with Point Loma Electric and Plumbing. We’re a team of San Diego plumbers ready to apply the right solution fast. We offer everything from small-scale repairs to complete plumbing replacement in old homes. Whether it’s a clogged drain or a major plumbing concern, our technicians have the experience and versatility for the job.

We offer the following plumbing solutions:

One of the most common plumbing issues you will face in your home is a clogged drain. Ditch the store-bought cleaners and work with our drain cleaning experts today!

Common Plumbing Problems

As your trusted residential plumbing contractors, we’ve seen just about every plumbing issue you can think of. While you always need an expert plumber for a repair, it’s still important to know what these issues are and how you can address them as quickly as possible. Common plumbing issues include:

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be a major inconvenience, especially when it’s a main fixture like your kitchen sink. This is either caused by a blockage in the plumbing or the fixture itself. If the water pressure is low only in a specific area, it’s likely a problem with the faucet or the plumbing leading to it. However, if you’re experiencing low water pressure throughout your home, chances are there could be a blockage in the main water line.

Water Leaks

Leaky faucets and connections can waste hundreds of gallons of water a day. Not only does this increase your water bill, but depending on where that water is leaking, it could be causing unseen damage and mold growth as well. In most cases, this is caused by either a loose connection or deterioration.

Corroded Fixtures

Because your fixtures are in constant contact with water, they often corrode or rust. Not only is this an unsightly issue, but as it continues to corrode, it can drop your water pressure or lead to a water leak.

Running Toilets

A running toilet can also waste tons of water in your home. For many homeowners, this is a simple fix stemming from an issue with the toilet flushing mechanisms. For example, the flapper may be stuck open, which is causing the constant running. However, if your toilet is older and all the components are deteriorated, a replacement may be the better option.

Bellied Pipes

Over time, a home’s foundation settles, causing the entire building to shift slightly. The shift can impact your plumbing lines, causing them to slope — or belly — inward toward your home. Bellied pipes inhibit the flow of water away from your house, resulting in toxic wastewater seeping into your yard or home.

Slow Drains

No one likes standing in water after cleaning up in the shower. Unfortunately, this is often how homeowners determine their drains are slow. This is predominantly caused by clogs from things like excess hair in the shower, food scraps in the kitchen sink, or too much toilet paper in the toilet.

Plumbing Code Issues

One of the main reasons DIY and unprofessional plumbing repairs are bad is because of coding issues. Not only will it lead to damage down the line, but often it can lead to fines because your home plumbing isn’t to code. You can count on an expert to bring your plumbing fixes up to code.

Looking to upgrade your home even further? Be sure to ask about the benefits of our tankless water heater installations and how they could help you save more than ever!

The Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Professional Plumber

Plumbing issues can be stressful distractions. You have a lot on your schedule, and there’s little time to handle the problem yourself. Plus, plumbing may be outside your realm of expertise.

The best way to keep your home and family comfortable is with a reliable plumbing repair service from a trusted company. There are many advantages to hiring professional San Diego plumbing contractors:

San Diego’s Older Home Specialists

Point Loma Electric & Plumbing is a licensed, bonded and insured San Diego plumber. We offer a wide range of services, including drain cleaning, sewer repair, trenchless sewer lining, water heaters and all plumbing solutions. Our goal is to offer affordable plumbing service with fast response times.

From new fixture installation to garbage disposal repair or pipe replacement, our plumbers know how to provide new installations, repairs and replacements for your plumbing system. We are well-versed in all aspects of plumbing and will spend as much time as is necessary to ensure that your pipes, drains and faucets are running properly. We look forward to serving you.

See how we stand out from the rest!

Request Plumbing Services in San Diego

Looking for a quality residential plumbing contractor in the San Diego, California, area? Point Loma Electric a Plumbing offers dependable San Diego residential plumbing services emphasizing older homes. Call us at (619) 224-0672 or contact us online to request service.

With over 32 years of experience and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, we make plumbing repairs simple.

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