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Emergency Shut Off Valve Service in San Diego

Protect your home from the dangers caused by earthquakes with an expertly installed emergency shut off valve.

Homeowners in the greater San Diego area are no strangers to earthquakes. However, without the right precautions in your home, it can become more of a disaster than ever. Because of this, all newly constructed buildings in California have required an earthquake shut-off valve since 2002. Unfortunately, many homes in the area are older than this and are still at risk over the dangers of natural gas leaks. At Point Loma Electric and Plumbing, we are your older home specialists. With over 32 years of local experience, we can help you with all your shut-off valve installation needs and ensure that your home and family are 100% safe!

Has a recent earthquake damaged your gas line? We also offer gas line replacement to ensure all fittings and connections are working properly and up to code.

What Do Emergency Shut-off Valves Do?

According to the Southern California Earthquake Center, there are about 35 earthquakes reported on a daily basis in the greater San Diego area. While many of these earthquakes only amount to slight tremors, any one of them can easily cause major damage to your home. The biggest concern is a ruptured gas line. In many cases, homeowners can come home without even realizing there’s an issue, as gas can be difficult to detect. This is why an earthquake shut-off valve is so important.

These devices work as a doorway into your home. When gas is flowing properly through them, that doorway is left open, allowing you to use your appliances like normal. In the event of an earthquake, these shut-off valves have a built-in stopper that is essentially dislodged because of the movement caused during an earthquake. That stopper then falls into the doorway and stops the flow of gas into your home.

Where Are They Installed?

During an emergency shut-off valve installation, our expert technicians will first inspect your gas meter. We will shut off all gas to your home and ensure there’s no leakage. Once that’s done, our technicians will either accommodate the valve or remove sections of piping in order to fit it in place. These valves are installed directly between the supply line that enters your home and the meter itself.

These valves are generally a small box or a cylinder and are a different color and style to help differentiate it from the rest of the piping near the gas meter. By installing it here, it’s always in contact with your supply line, ensuring that if there is damage caused by an earthquake, it works immediately to protect your home.

Earthquakes can also damage your electrical system. Be sure to schedule a panel upgrade to ensure that an old panel won’t leave your home without electricity after an emergency.

The Importance of Professional Service

Because these devices are installed on the gas line and work with your meter, hiring professionals is required. This ensures that all the work is done to code and that your home is safe for you and your family.

At Point Loma Electric and Plumbing, we’re the most trusted plumbing company in the San Diego area, serving homeowners for over 32 years! Protect your San Diego, CA home with an expertly installed shutoff valve by calling (619) 224-0672.

We’re older home specialists, which means we’re uniquely qualified to bring homes up to the latest California standards, ensuring your safety and peace of mind with every tremor or earthquake.

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