Electrical Outlet Repair & Installation Services: GFCI, USB & More

Electric Outlet Repair Services in San Diego

You can improve the safety and convenience of your San Diego home by adding GFCI outlets, USB charging outlets and new receptacles in convenient locations.

Electricity is arguably one of the most important utilities in your San Diego, CA home. Without it, there are very few tasks you can accomplish. However, dated outlets and switches can leave families vulnerable to fires, especially those that have a lot of appliances plugged in throughout the house. If this describes your home, consider updating your electric system to keep your household safe. At Point Loma Electric and Plumbing, we are the trusted electric outlet repair and replacement company in the greater San Diego area. Whether your outlets are old, getting no power, or you want to upgrade to include USB ports, you can count on our electricians to find the right receptacles for your home.

Are your outlet issues a sign of a bigger problem with your home’s electrical system? Replacing old outlets is important for the safety of your home.

If your panel is greater than 25 years old, it may also be time to consider a panel upgrade or rejuvenation. Electrical Panels have a useful life of 25-35 years. We will do a complementary panel checkup with every service call.

Replacing Your Electrical Outlets

If an electrician has determined that you need to replace the electrical outlet, it’s not all bad. While there is a cost for this service, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to upgrade your outlets and add some functionality to your home. Some common and inexpensive upgrades that can make your home safer include:

Regardless of what electrical receptacle you choose for your home, the one constant is you need an experienced electrician to help. At Point Loma Electric and Plumbing, we not only offer installations and upgrades, but also we can start with an electrical outlet repair service to help determine if your existing outlets are salvageable.

Not all outlet issues stem from a faulty outlet. The wiring in your home could also be a cause for concern. Ask our technicians about our electrical wiring troubleshooting today!

Call a Licensed Electrical for Outlet Replacement

You must never attempt to work on your home’s electrical system as you can fatally shock yourself and even start a house fire. If you need an upgrade, call Point Loma Electric and Plumbing today. Our team of electricians can handle any repair or upgrade your home needs. With an A+ BBB rating and 100% satisfaction guaranteed, we are the company that San Diego residents trust.

Tired of plugs constantly falling out of your outlets? It may be time for an upgrade. Call Point Loma Electric and Plumbing at (619) 224-0672 to learn more about our electrical outlet repair and replacement options.