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LED Lighting & Retrofit Services in San Diego

Make your San Diego area home brighter and more energy-efficient with an LED retrofit project!

LED technology has solved all of the problems presented by outdated lighting technology. Cheap to operate and offering very long lives, they are becoming the standard for all lighting. At Point Loma Electric and Plumbing, we specialize in helping customers update their older homes’ incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Let us help plan your lighting upgrade to LEDs!

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What Is a Retrofit?

In older San Diego area homes, lighting was designed around the prevailing technology in use when the home was built. Depending on the age, the home might have been constructed with incandescents or fluorescents, or sometimes, maybe even no lights at all. As lighting was installed, wires were set and holes were cut into walls to accommodate fixtures, switches, and outlets.

Retrofitting is the process of working with an electrician to allow new lighting technology to be used with old infrastructure. Retrofit lighting installation can be as simple as upgrading to new LED bulbs or it can involve replacing fixtures and switches to accommodate new LED technology.

Since most LEDs are being installed in existing structures, retrofit technology has made upgrading very easy and able to be done without needing to do much extra work.

Looking for other indoor lighting solutions? We can help with that too! From chandeliers or sconce lighting, our experts have you covered.

Why Switch to LEDs?

Modern LEDs solve many of the problems of previous generations of lighting. This is mainly why retrofit lighting installation has become so popular. Some of the perks include:

As your LED retrofit company, you can count on us to help you through the entire process. From finding the ideal design and set up, to inspecting wiring and replacing any lighting fixtures as needed, we make the process simple and convenient.

Once your indoor lighting is taken care of, boost your curb appeal and yard with our outdoor lighting installations.

Why Choose Us For an LED Lighting Upgrade

At Point Loma Electric and Plumbing we are the best choice for LED lighting retrofit contractors in the greater San Diego area. Since we specialize in updating older homes, we’ve upgraded many homes to newer, environmentally-friendly lighting over 32 years of service.

If you are planning a renovation or would like to update a room in your home with new lighting technology, put our knowledge to work for you. We can help save you on the costs of operating and maintaining your lighting. Call (619) 224-0672 today for any of your electrical needs.

Point Loma Electric and Plumbing is a residential LED lighting replacement contractor serving the greater San Diego area since 1988. Whether you are interested in a lighting upgrade or need rewiring services as part of a renovation project, we are happy to help.

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