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Electrical Safety Questions

Is Your Home’s Electrical System Safe?

Most homes rarely if ever their electrical systems looked at by a professional electrician. As your home ages so do the wiring and devices inside your walls. Like other major home systems, your electrical system has a finite lifespan which can be extended with proper upkeep and maintenance.
Usually, older homes are not equipped to support the electrical needs of today’s lifestyle. Over the years it is likely that many different people (including homeowners and handymen) have altered the wiring in your house… Often in ways that may work but still could be potentially dangerous.

A visual safety checkup to assess your home for common electrical dangers and hazards.

45-90 minutes

We will assess the condition of your home’s electrical system and look for common electrical issues. The following areas will be inspected: Main electrical panel and any subpanels, Grounding system, General condition of outlets and switches, look for GFI protected outlets where required by code, Smoke and CO detectors where required, general condition of house wiring, assess if overload conditions exist, check for adequate circuits as needed, check outdoors, attic, laundry room, pool or spa areas.

Several representative outlets will be checked to assess the condition of the wires in the wall and the method by which they were installed. There is no need to check more than 3 outlets in a home to tell how they were wired and the general condition of the wires in the wall.

The Electrical Safety Check-up is a visual inspection for common electrical hazards. Troubleshooting and diagnostic of non-working items is available for additional charge.

The safety checkup being offered is already deeply discounted from our normal price and is an excellent value for $129. This cannot be applied to repairs.

Yes, if needed. We can provide you with various options and proposals to make any recommended repairs.

No. We are here to provide a service and value to our customers. If you like us, then please do consider us, however you are under no obligation.

Just as a person needs regular checkups to maintain perfect health, your house needs regular safety checkups to ensure the safety of the electrical systems.

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