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Water Heater Services in San Diego

Hot water is critical to your daily life. Point Loma Electric and Plumbing is here to help with quality water heater service including electric and gas units!

Hot water is an important necessity.

Whether you have a minor issue with your water heater or are ready to replace it, Point Loma Electric and Plumbing can offer multiple water heater solutions to best fit your needs and your budget.

We can repair or replace traditional gas or electric tank water heats as well as service, repair, install or replace tankless water heaters.

Hot Water Heater Installation

Point Loma Electric and Plumbing is a leading water heater installation team in the San Diego area. We’ll install your new water heater fast and respect your home along the way. Our customers can choose from two types of water heaters:

Install an Efficient Water Heater

Did you know that most traditional tank water heaters typically need replacement every 10 years? That could be viewed as bad news, but the silver lining is that today’s energy-efficient water heaters can save you enough money to offset the expense.

The even better news is that a new tankless water heater can actually save money and cost you less than a traditional tank water heater over the 10-year life of the typical standard water heater.

Did you know installing a water softener can protect your water tank and help it last longer?

Water Heater Repair

Depending on the severity of the issue, our plumbing contractors will be able to provide you with a water heater repair service. By addressing problems early on, you can avoid the biggest issues which can include a cracked tank or an electrical issue.

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair

For most families, you rely on your water heater on a daily basis, so a breakdown can cause major problems. Whether your water heater is leaking or you’re not getting any hot water at all, knowing when to contact a plumber is essential. Some of the most common symptoms of a water heater repair issue include:

High Energy Costs

Water heaters heat your water throughout the day, ensuring you have a hot water supply when you need it. Because of this, they can consume a lot of energy when compared to other appliances. However, as your unit ages or falls into disrepair, it can increase those costs even further.

Low Water Capacity

Are you running out of hot water faster than normal? If your electric water heater is struggling to heat enough hot water for your entire family to use, there could be damage to the heating element, which will need to be replaced or repaired by an expert.

Rust Buildup

Rust and water are a common combination. And because your unit is constantly holding water, it could be a major concern as your unit gets older. Any rust buildup on outside connections and fittings, or rust in the water itself, should not be ignored.

Heating Issues

Your water heater should be able to produce consistent water temperatures. If you’re getting scalding water one minute and lukewarm the next, there may be a problem with the heating elements and the temperature controls on your unit.

Old Age

The average water heater has a shelf life of about 10 years. As it reaches those later years, it may require more frequent repairs. However, if your unit is old, struggling to produce consistent temperatures, and requiring more than a few repairs a year, it may be time to consider a hot water tank replacement.

Benefits of Replacing Your Unit

Although a water heater installation can be an unexpected project for many homeowners in the San Diego area, it does offer plenty of benefits as well. Outside of resolving your repair issues, a water heater tank replacement will:

Lower Your Energy Costs

It takes energy to heat water, and energy costs money. However, your system may have you paying more than necessary. Repairing your current system can improve its performance and lower your bills, as can installing a new one. With high-efficiency systems, your water heater will use less energy while still providing you with that same performance you depend on.

Increase Hot Water Capacity

For many homeowners, a water heater upgrade is a great way to increase your hot water capacity. If your family is growing, chances are you run out of hot water often. With a larger tank in place, you’ll enjoy enough hot water for the whole family.

Improve Water Pressure and Quality

Water heaters use pressurized air to send hot water to your faucets. An old or damaged hot water heater will stop producing the pressure you need. The faulty heater could cause odors or allow particles to taint your water. A new water heater will restore your confidence in your water.

Provide Consistent Water Temperatures

If there’s one thing a water heater should do, it’s produce hot water. Your old or damaged hot water heater may send lukewarm water through your pipes or fail to maintain the heat long enough for a comfortable shower. You may even experience water suddenly becoming too hot for your skin. A reliable water heater will send a consistent supply of warm water.

Provide Quieter Operation

A new water heater will give you a little more peace and quiet. Old water heaters naturally make noise, so replacing the system will be an automatic improvement. Even newer hot water heaters will become noisier over time, but repairing and eventually replacing your unit will help.

Looking to upgrade even further? Be sure to ask our technicians about our tankless water heater options and how they can gain you access to limitless hot water!

Replacement, Installation and Repairs of Standard Tank and Tankless Water Heaters

Running out of hot water on a daily basis? A faulty water heater could be to blame. Point Loma Electric and Plumbing offers full water heater installation, replacement and repairs of standard tank and tankless water heaters. Call us at (619) 224-0672 or contact us online for water heater repair and replacement in San Diego.

Replacing or repairing your hot water heater will help you feel more comfortable at home.

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