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Make the Best Backyard Atmosphere for Summer Cookouts!

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There’s nothing quite like the feel of a breeze on a summer night. The moon overhead and stars twinkling down help create a peaceful quality for simply relaxing on a weeknight or entertaining guests with a weekend cookout. But sometimes, the stars and the moon don’t provide enough light for the ideal backyard summer get-together. The right lighting can set the mood for the night, show off the landscaping, and provide a more aesthetic visual experience in the backyard. 

Floodlights for Lots of Light

Floodlights are a great addition to any backyard lighting setup. Many homeowners use automatic floodlights that connect to a motion sensor. This is both a security measure and a convenience factor. Floodlights in the backyard can help homeowners see what they’re doing while cooking, mixing drinks, or just trying to make their way around the yard.

Preventing guests from tripping or falling is also important, and the right floodlights can do this easily. Some homeowners don’t like the bright white of some floodlights for summer evening get-togethers. This is easily fixed by simply changing the lightbulbs, choosing many different colors, or even getting softer light that won’t be too bright. Floodlights can be installed at ground level or on the house, depending on where the light is needed most. Some homeowners prefer both!

Landscaping Lighting To Show Off the Yard

For a more gentle and artistic type of backyard illumination, many homeowners use landscape lighting. This is especially good for those yards that have landscape features. Pathway lights are great for providing soft illumination along walkways or even to create walkways to prevent guests from wandering into parts of the yard where they can trip or step into areas with delicate plants growing. 

For illuminating trees, bushes, and even architecture, the best option is usually well lights. These kinds of lights sit on the ground and point straight up toward the sky, allowing some illumination from below. This adds to the backyard atmosphere and can create a peaceful setting using soft good lights. Another essential place for backyard lighting is any steps of uneven ground that could cause people to trip and fall. There are plenty of options for small, energy-efficient lights for these uses.  

String Lights Make More Aesthetic Lighting

For some common areas, such as patios, decks, or anywhere with seating, string lights are essential. These provide both illuminations for safety and convenience as well as setting the mood and creating ambiance. There are many different types of string lights available, some even of LED bulbs, but the most popular are simple white lights with small, clear bulbs. 

String lights come with many different features. Some are automatic, coming on when the sun goes down. Others are dimmable. Some of them have multiple modes, from flickering to pulsing to random twinkling. For help installing any of these lights, homeowners should consider calling a professional electrician company for the best results. 

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