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Don’t Let Clogged Outdoor Plumbing Wreck Your Fun Spring Plans!

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Everyone loves spending time outside in the spring – soaking up the mild sun, enjoying the cool breeze, and gazing at the freshly blooming flowers. But one thing that can rudely interrupt the springtime bliss is a clogged or cracked outdoor pipe. Few things are worse than having water pool in the yard wreaking havoc on the landscape, or heaven forbid, having sewage back up into the home from a clogged sewer line. 

Fortunately, with a bit of knowledge of how such mishaps occur, what to do about it when they do, and how to help prevent them in the first place, homeowners can get back to enjoying their spring in no time.

Importance of the Outdoor Plumbing System

A home’s outdoor plumbing system is just as important as the indoor portion. They’re both a part of the same overall system, and when either one experiences a problem, it can affect the whole home. For instance, when an outdoor fixture like a hose bib springs a leak, the water can seep under the home’s foundation and erode the soil, causing the foundation to shift.

This can also occur when a part of the outdoor drainage system gets clogged or damaged and water pools up around the house’s perimeter. If a sewage drainpipe going from the home to the city sewer becomes clogged or ruptured, wastewater can back up into the home or the yard.

How Clogs Form In Outdoor Pipes

Clogs or blockages can form in outdoor pipes in several ways. When it comes to gutters, downspouts, and landscape drains, the problem is typically caused by an excess of debris collecting over time. Sand, leaves, sticks, and other organic matter are common sources of obstruction. On occasion, some critter has moved in and fashioned a nest inside the pipe!

With sewer lines, the clogging is usually caused by an object that was flushed down the toilet and became lodged – feminine hygiene products, paper towels, plastics, or, often, children’s toys. It can also be a simple buildup of everyday gunk that’s been washed down the drains.

How Hydrojetting Can Save the Day

When an outdoor pipe of any kind becomes clogged, every homeowner will do well to get it cleared before it can damage the home or jeopardize the health of everyone inside. Many homeowners attempt to fix it themselves using a plumber’s snake or chemical drain cleaners, but these can damage the plumbing and make matters worse in many cases. 

That’s where the pros come in. Professional plumbers and drain experts use a machine called a hydrojetter to quickly and safely remove clogs. These machines are essentially high-powered pressure washers for pipes, with a long hose capable of getting deep into underground pipes and blasting away the obstruction with plain old water.

Hydrojetting isn’t just for removing clogs, though – it’s also great for preventing them, as the special nozzle thoroughly cleans any nasty buildup off the pipe walls as it goes. Having the home’s drain lines professionally cleaned every year, or two is a great way to protect against clogs.

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