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San Diego Electrician, Point Loma Electric is an electrical service company that can take care of all of your electrical repairs and service needs. We are a San Diego Electrical contractor specializing in Older Home Wiring and Home Electrical Safety. Our skilled and experienced electricians can repair any wiring problem, upgrade your electrical service or install new lighting, plugs, switches, circuits or appliances for you.

If you need to hire an Electrician in San Diego, you have come to the right place. Our certified San Diego electricians are not only highly skilled but also carefully background checked and drug tested. We take your safety and security very seriously. You can count on competent and efficient service from polite, caring, neat and professional, licensed electricians. One of our experienced and highly trained local electricians will address all of your concerns and take care of your all electrical repairs upgrades or installations in an efficient, fair workmanlike manner. We do not work by the hour but will give you an exact price and obtain your approval before any work is done. The price you are quoted is exact the price you will pay for the electrical work you agree to, even if we run into unexpected problems or the electrical repair takes longer than expected. Your complete satisfaction is our primary goal and we take our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee very seriously.

Our knowledgeable and highly trained electricians are experienced in the special needs of homes that were built before 1985. Your safety is our highest priority and your home and property are always treated with the greatest respect. Reliable, Honest, Trustworthy Service and Expert workmanship are what you can expect from Point Loma Electric. Please check our electrician references, the BBB, Contractors State Licensing Board.

Before hiring any electrical contractor, be sure to check them out carefully. Confirm that they are properly licensed, carry appropriate insurance and guarantee customer satisfaction. It is a good idea to look for customer testimonials and reviews of the electrician you are considering hiring. Electrical companies abound but there can be big differences in skill and the quality of workmanship you may receive when hiring any electrician, so choose your electrical contractor carefully, as the safety and security of your home and family could be at stake. Electrical wiring is hidden behind your walls and most homeowners do not know if the wiring or electrical repairs were done properly and safely. At Point Loma Electric, we will never cut corners or take shortcuts! That could jeopardize your safety and we operate according to a strict code of ethics. Everything we do is done with the best interests of our customers in mind.

We are YOUR San Diego Electrical Contractor who specialize in the service, repair and upgrading of electrical systems of older homes.

So who are YOU gonna call when the lights go out? Point Loma Electric! Contact us today or call now: 619-224-0672.

Our electricians are also trained and experienced in many aspects of Commercial Electrical Repairs.

San Diego’s Trusted Electricians: Integrity, Honesty, Value & Service

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With Point Loma Electric, you can expect the highest quality of work. We are family owned and operated and take great pride in providing excellent service, quality workmanship and fair upfront pricing. The price we quote you is the price you will be charged, even if the job takes longer than anticipated or unexpected challenges arise.

We do not cut corners and stand behind our work. We have been serving the Electrical Service and repair needs of the greater San Diego area since 1988 and have hundreds of satisfied repeat customers. We are not only committed to your complete satisfaction, but to our conscience. We care about your home and your safety and insist that things are done correctly, neatly and to code. Contact Point Loma Electric today; your trusted San Diego electricians and local electrical contractors. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and you will sleep better once you know your home is safe.

When searching for an electrician or an electrical contractor, there are a number of factors to consider. There are many electrical companies to choose from but all electrical companies are not created equal. Electrical work is one of those areas where you very often “get what you pay for”. Electricity is very dangerous, yet the lights may still work even though the wires are not correctly wired. Approximately 30 % of the work we are hired to do involves redoing electrical repairs done by non- licensed handymen, homeowners and sadly even other electricians!

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