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Whole-Home Electrical Rewiring Services in San Diego

Electrical wiring is key to keep lights on and outlets working in your San Diego area home. If your wiring is damaged or outdated, our electricians can help with our rewiring services!

Readily available electrical power is truly a modern marvel. For over a hundred years, the power that electricity provides has been lighting our homes and powering our appliances. Technology has changed a lot over that time and electrical technology has gotten safer and more efficient.

However, if your San Diego, California, home has older electrical components and wiring, you could be at risk. Older homes were not designed to be able to power the large loads that are common today and they were often wired with materials that have fallen out of use. As a result, many homeowners are opting to have their homes rewired to remove the threat that old wiring can pose.

At Point Loma Electric and Plumbing, we specialize in mitigating the threats that older wiring poses to your home and can work to protect you and your family from the dangers of old wiring.

Even with the best wiring, if your electrical panel is out of date, you could still be holding your electrical system back. Work with our licensed electricians for all your panel upgrade needs.

What Is a Whole-Home Rewiring?

Whole-home rewiring is a professional electric service that replaces your home’s existing electrical wires and, if necessary, the entire wiring system. Your electrician can also use this time to add new circuits or install new outlets so that your home can meet your power needs.

Old home electrical wiring limits the amount of power you can use, which can be an annoyance or even dangerous. The goal of rewiring is to bring the home up to modern codes and mitigate the risk of property damage that results from electrical problems and fires.

Aluminum Wire Remediation

Depending on the age of your home, it might be wired with aluminum wiring. While aluminum wiring is a perfectly acceptable conductor and is still used in many applications, it does present some hazards that make it incompatible with newer wiring methods. Aluminum wiring doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced, however, the biggest concern with this material is where the connections are made. The most expedient option to remove the risks that come with aluminum wiring is to have our electricians perform an aluminum wire remediation.

During remediation, electricians will use special connectors, often made of copper, to upgrade the portions of your home’s wiring that hook into appliances and fixtures. By repairing or upgrading these connections, you can trust that you have better connectivity throughout your home.

Having the experts at Point Loma Electric and Plumbing perform remediation will save you the cost of having to rewire your entire home and also prevent the risk of a property-damaging fire.

Has old wiring caused damage to your outlets and switches? Not only can we upgrade those receptacles, but also we can add a layer of safety with a GFCI outlet installation.

Common Issues That Call for Whole-Home Rewiring Service

The electrical wiring in an old home can cause trouble for property owners — house wiring services can help. Our electricians can remedy the following issues and more.


Overlamping occurs when a light fixture holds a bulb with a wattage rating too high for the fixture. The disparity can cause overheating that can melt the casing around your wires.

Power Inadequacy

Old, outdated wiring is often incapable of meeting modern energy demands. If your home is particularly old, the builders would’ve designed the electrical system to work well in its time. You may have trouble powering all of your devices at once.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

Modern appliances like hairdryers, refrigerators and vacuums tend to overload old wiring, but outdated wiring occasionally short circuits without the appliance. Still, an overloaded circuit is the most common cause of tripping breakers.

Dead Outlets

Repeated trips or short circuits can kill an outlet by melting or disconnecting its wires. Rewiring can restore the connection and get your outlets up and running.

Flickering Lights

Your lights will flicker when the wiring loosens or corrodes. While flickering lights are distracting, they are also susceptible to overheating and catching fire.

Sings You Need Whole-Home Rewiring

Some of the common signals that your wiring is out of date include:

Why You Need a Professional for Whole-Home Rewiring

For peace of mind, the best option to remove the risk of outdated wiring is to have the professionals at Point Loma Electric and Plumbing rewire your whole home or large portions of it. Whole-home rewiring can be a fairly involved process and is usually done during an extensive remodel or total rehabilitation of an old property.

Electrical technology and installation methods have changed a lot since it began being included in San Diego homes over a hundred years ago. Electrical codes are constantly being updated to ensure the safety of electrical components in your home. As a result of the change in technology and methods, troubleshooting electrical problems in older homes can be particularly troublesome for electricians that have never worked on older homes.

Our electricians can help with wiring issues like:

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Worried about the risks that your home’s wiring may pose? At Point Loma Electric and Plumbing we specialize in electrical troubleshooting in older homes. In over 32 years of operation, we have seen all the problems that a hundred years of outdated electrical technology can throw at us. We pride ourselves on a high level of craftsmanship and providing our home electrical wiring services with minimal disruption to you and your home.

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