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Keep your home’s electrical system safe and efficient by calling Point Loma Electric and Plumbing when you need an expert electrical contractor.

Electrical problems are inevitable, and when they happen, you need a residential electrical contractor you can count on to do the job right the first time. At Point Loma Electric and Plumbing, our certified contractors are committed to safe, effective repairs guaranteed.

Whether you need electrical troubleshooting, breaker panel repair, or outlet upgrades, you can count on our 32 years of experience, upfront pricing, and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Our Outlet Repair Services

If you’re like most homeowners, you never think about your outlets unless there’s a problem or when you add safety covers to protect your children.

However, you depend on your outlets every day to power appliances, electronics and charge your devices. Because your outlets are vital to your daily life, it’s crucial to be mindful of their condition.

Here are some common signs your outlets may need replacing.

You Have an Older Home
The National Electric Code maintains that all homes built after 1965 must have grounded three-prong outlets. If you live in a house built before 1965, you likely have old, two-prong outlets, which can be dangerous because they lack the grounding of modern outlets. The lack of the grounding prong can result in shock and circuit malfunction.

The Outlet’s Faceplate is Damaged
If you insert a plug into an outlet that’s damaged, you risk shock or electrocution, and it can cause appliances to short out.

The Plug Connection is Loose
The springs in your outlet wear out with use, causing plugs to fit loosely. Sometimes, the plug’s weight keeps it from making a positive connection, and you constantly have to adjust it to keep the lights on or your devices charged. That’s not only annoying, but loose outlets are fire and shock hazards.

The Outlet Has Burn Marks
If an outlet exhibits burn marks or feel hot to the touch, it means the electrical system is experiencing an overload. Overloads happen because you have too many devices plugged in at once.

You Rely Too Heavily on Power Strips
We’ve all seen it –– maybe in your home, everywhere you turn; there’s a power full power strip to make up for the lack of outlets. If you have powerstrips strewn about the house, you could be overtaxing your electrical system. The solution is to call an electrical contractor to inspect your electrical system and install more outlets.

You Need a GFCI Receptacle
If you operate appliances such as hairdryers near water, it’s safer for everyone to plug it into a GFCI outlet. GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter and cuts the power when it senses an overload, protecting you against shock. Call a residential electrician to inspect your home and determine where to install GFCI outlets to protect your family.

For expert electrical troubleshooting and outlet repair, call Point Loma Electric and Plumbing today.

Electrical Problems Requiring an Electrical Contractor

Truth be told, all household electrical repairs require the help of a professional residential electrician. However, here are the most common problems you might encounter that warrant calling a residential electrician for assistance.

If any of these situations look familiar, call Point Loma Electric and Plumbing for expert troubleshooting and repair. What may seem like a minor electrical issue could be the tip of the iceberg, and it takes the training of a certified professional to figure it out.

Our guarantees and pricing set us apart from other electrical contractors.

3 Reasons DIY Electrical Repair is a Bad Idea

Homeowners like do-it-yourself projects for many reasons; it saves money and time and gives them a sense of accomplishment. However, not all DIY repairs are created equal. For example, if you make a mistake fixing a leaky faucet, the worst that can happen is a wet mess. If you make a mistake during an electrical repair, the consequences could be fatal.

If you’re not convinced, consider these reasons why hiring a professional electrical contractor is better than doing it yourself.

It’s Safer
Safety is the number one reason to hire a professional instead of fixing electrical problems yourself. Regardless of how many YouTube videos you watch, there’s no substitute for a certified electrician’s education, training, and experience. And, even if you complete the repair, there’s always a risk you missed something along the way, which puts everyone in the house at risk.

You Don’t Have The Experience
Would you attempt to defend yourself in court instead of hiring a lawyer who went through years of legal education and training? Probably not. No one becomes a certified electrician overnight, which is why you’re better off relying on the skill and knowledge of a trained professional to identify the cause of your electrical issue and know how to fix it correctly and safely.

You’re On The Hook For Damages
If a DIY electrical repair goes south, resulting in damage, your homeowner’s insurance probably won’t cover it, meaning you’re on the hook to pay for the repairs. Most reputable electrical contractors are licensed and insured, which means if something goes wrong, you can trust them to make it right.

Trust the pros at Point Loma Electric and Plumbing for guaranteed electrical work.

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