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“How much does it cost” or, “What is the price?” are 2 of the most common questions we are asked. With few exceptions it is impossible to provide accurate pricing over the phone and here is why

Our office staff who answer the phones are trained to provide excellent customer service and gather all the necessary information to get a trained expert to your home. Their job is to provide excellent customer care and to help with many aspects of your service, but they are not electricians or plumbers.

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Our Guarantees


No Phone Guessing Guarantee 

We take our prices very seriously, and do not want to risk your trust by guessing prices blindly over the phone. To avoid confusion, frustration, and miscommunication, we provide all quotes in writing after seeing the project firsthand. This guarantees that we can stand by our word. There is nothing more frustrating than being quoted what sounds like a low price over the phone, only to be told something different when the technician arrives.

Upfront Pricing Guarantee

Point Loma Electric and Plumbing Experts will provide you with fair and upfront pricing for every job. That means no guesswork or “wait & see how long it will actually take” games for you. We will tell you exactly what your project will cost before we even begin the job and will never do any work without your approval in advance. That means no unpleasant surprises for you.

The price you approve will not increase, even if we run into unexpected obstacles and the job takes longer than expected. If all goes perfectly and we finish faster, we’ll be out of your hair that much sooner! When companies are paid by the hour, they have every reason to take their time rather than to work as efficiently as possible. With flat rate pricing, you will know the final price before agreeing to any work and you don’t have to worry about how long it takes.

Value Guarantee

We guarantee that we will provide you with the best bang for your buck of any electricians or plumbers in San Diego. While others may compete to be the cheapest, we compete to provide the best service and value. We are confident that you won’t find another company providing the same level of service, warranty, attention to detail, trust, cleanliness, or professionalism for a lower cost than Point Loma Electric and Plumbing. We will deliver top notch workmanship; a great experience and you will be happy with our services. If getting the very cheapest price is the only concern then we might not be the right company for you, but if you want the best value and fair pricing we promise you will be glad you called us.

No Scare Tactics Guarantee 

We take electrical and plumbing safety in your home very seriously, but we will never pressure, or scare, you into making repairs. Instead, we will give you all the information and options so you can choose what is best for your home. We want you to feel comfortable trusting the advice of a Point Loma Electric and Plumbing Electrician or Plumber. Our goal is to be your trusted go-to company for life, and will treat you with the same level of professionalism we would want in our own homes.

Just Curious about Pricing in General?

Below is a list that shows general averages for Point Loma Electric and Plumbing Customers. However, we don’t recommend using this information for making hiring decisions. The only way to get a true quote is to have one of our technicians visit your home. 

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How We’re Qualified

There are a lot of electric and plumbing companies in San Diego wanting your attention. For your safety and security, all our employees are drug tested, background checked, carefully vetted and highly trained. Every person who works for us is a W-2 employee of our company which means they answer to us for every minute they’re in the field, at your home, and working on your equipment or your account. We comply with all local, state and federal laws and off our employees are covered by workman’s compensation insurance. Also, in order to attract and keep the very best people, we treat them fairly and they have benefits including medical and dental insurance, 401K and PTO.

Our technicians are experienced and complete many hours of extensive training, and exams. We conduct weekly training sessions so you can feel confident that you are getting the highest level of professional service from our company.

While there may be several ways to handle your electrical or plumbing needs that are “OK,” we follow an extensive set of “best practices” that we are constantly sharpening so you know you’re getting the best quality services and workmanship in San Diego.

We Are Ready to Get it DoneWe send out our electricians and plumbers “Ready to Work.” Even if your appointment is just an estimate, if you’re confident with our company (and we’re sure you will be!), you can decide to go ahead and complete the work right then. Even if you decide on a major installation, our technicians will usually be able to get the work started. Regardless of your project, we show up ready to get the job done. (except for service changes which require coordination with SDGE and city inspectors)

How Our Scheduling WorksLet us know your preference for when you’d prefer service. You can go about your day and let us know how long you’d need to get back home to meet the technician. We will work around your commitments and call you 30-45 minutes in advance to let you know when a technician is available to head to your house. You can go to work, run your errands or take care of business. No more waiting around. (please be sure to answer the phone, we do need to confirm someone will be at home to meet the technician)

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Point Loma Electric and Plumbing 2022 Price Averages

Note: Due to material shortages and fluctuations in costs, all prices are subject to change.
Prices on this page are a rough guideline only and may vary based on the conditions and assessment of the technician. This is a helpful list for guidelines only. These ballpark prices range from the low end to the high end. Your actual project may be lower or higher and may vary significantly from the general pricing listed here. For an exact quote
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Troubleshooting Electrical Problems in the House

Replacing Lights and Fixtures Around the House

Installing NEW Lights and Fixtures Around the House (no wiring present)

Recessed Lighting and Under Cabinet Lighting

Replacing Outlets & Switches Around the Home

Installing NEW Switches or Outlets

Installing Special Equipment and Dedicated Circuits

Electrical panels:

This section contains electrical panel pricing for San Diego area electricians. This page should not be used as a price list or a price guarantee. Actual prices may be lower or higher depending on the specifics of the project

Replace subpanel: $1200 – $2500

Panel restoration: $1200-$1999

Electrical panel or service upgrade: – $3600 to over $6000

There are many factors involved in the price of replacing or upgrading an electrical panel in San Diego. Permits for this work are required and our prices always include permits, inspections and all coordination with SDGE and the city. In San Diego, the rules and restrictions have been changing every year and you want an electrical contractor who works closely with SDGE and the city of San Diego to conform to the latest codes and requirements

Factors for Electrical panel replacement or upgrade pricing:



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Pricing FAQs

How much is the hourly rate for an electrician or plumber?

At Point Loma Electric and Plumbing, we charge by the job, not by the hour. We have found that most of our customers prefer to know what the final price will be before committing to a service. Once our technician evaluates your exact situation, they will provide you with a firm written price that won’t change even if the project turns out to be more difficult than expected. No surprises and we will not ever do any work without your advance approval.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of upfront, flat rate pricing?

When you are having electrical or plumbing problems, the last thing you need to worry about is not knowing what the final cost will be. Upfront or flat-rate pricing is fair to everyone and encourages efficiency, not working either slow or trying to hurry. No surprises, you know the final price before we start!

Why do you have a trip charge and is the cost to send out a technician applied to the service? The trip charge to send a technician out to your home is 100% applied to any services we provide that day or to larger projects that cannot be completed the same day. It costs money and time for a technician to go out to your home and to evaluate whatever issue you are having. There are only so many working hours in a day and we want to utilize our technicians time wisely out of respect for both your time and theirs.

Can I get the pricing for plumbing and electric services over the phone?

Unfortunately, it is usually not possible to provide accurate pricing over the phone. Please see our No Phone Guessing Guarantee. The folks who answer the phones are trained to set up an appointment for you or answer some general questions about our services. They are not technicians. Since many people have no idea what electrical or plumbing services cost, we have provided general ballpark pricing on our pricing page. There are many factors that affect the specific pricing of any given project and sometimes even the simplest seeming jobs are not so simple after all. The prices listed have a wide range and most jobs fall somewhere in between.

Can you break down the cost of the labor and the materials?

Flat rate or upfront project pricing is a completely different pricing structure than charging by the hour plus materials. All costs of the job, including all labor, materials, taxes, overhead and any other expenses are already included in the quoted price. Since we do not charge by the hour, we don’t track the materials or time separately. We are not able to break down our prices that way. The prices we use are based on national averages and include the costs of doing business in our area in a fully compliant manner with all local, state and federal requirements.

How are your prices compared to other companies?

That all depends on who you ask and what you are looking for. If you look at our hundreds of reviews, you will see many comments from people who feel that our prices are quite reasonable, especially relative to the service they received. You will see numerous comments from customers who got multiple estimates and found ours to be right where they expected. Some others say we were more, but they felt the value was worth it and were happy with their decision. You will also find reviews stating that they had gone with the cheapest price in the past but then had to hire someone else to re-do the work.

Of course, you will also see comments from other people stating that they think our prices are too high. It really depends on your expectations, experiences and perspective. We aim to provide the best value and customer experience, not the cheapest price.

Why Choose Point Loma Electric and Plumbing?

We have been in business since 1988 and want to be your electricians and plumbers for life. That means we need to charge a price that is fair to our customers, as well as our employees and company. You can be confident that we will still be around in the future to stand behind our work and for when you need us again.

When you call Point Loma Electric and Plumbing, you will speak to a person who works for the company. We work out of a business facility, our technicians drive vehicles that are owned by us and covered by commercial auto insurance. We carry 2M in auto and liability insurance and keep our trucks stocked and ready to get your job done.

All of our employees are W-2 employees who are on payroll and covered by workman’s compensation. Everyone is subject to payroll taxes and has paid holidays, PTO, paid sick time per San Diego labor laws as well as other benefits such as health insurance, 401K and other benefits. Every person who works for us has been background and drug checked and meets our strict employee standards. We operate according to all the city, state and federal labor laws. All of these costs including gas, vehicle maintenance, office staff, rent. Phones, utilities, software and 100’s of other business expenses must be covered by the prices we charge. That’s not just us, but any business that is to survive, grow and treat their employees fairly. If the cheapest price is your only concern, we probably won’t be the right company for you.


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