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Whether it’s electrical outlet repair, electrical troubleshooting, or electrical panel upgrades, National City homeowners trust Point Loma Electric and Plumbing because we guarantee our work 100%.

Point Loma Electric and Plumbing has served the greater San Diego area for over 32 years with certified, trusted electrical repairs. We’re the area’s older home specialists, bringing homes up to code and supplying you with the power you need.

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5 Signs Your House Has a Major Electrical Problem

Every household electrical problem can be dangerous; however, some issues require immediate attention.

Hot Outlets
It’s common for some appliances and gadgets to generate heat when powered on. However, the outlets shouldn’t get hot. If an outlet is warm or hot to the touch, unplug the gadget or appliance immediately and don’t use it until an electrical contractor can inspect and troubleshoot it.

Flickering Lights
Flickering lights means there’s a loose electrical connection in your system. If the flickering is contained to one fixture, it’s typically easy to fix. However, if you have flickering lights throughout the house, the problem is likely within the circuit and needs immediate attention.

You Have Aluminum Wiring
High copper prices in the 60s and 70s led to home builders resorting to using single-strand aluminum wiring to keep building costs low. The problem, however, is that aluminum oxidizes more rapidly than copper, leading to a possible electrical fire. Aluminum is no longer used in branch circuits, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission says that homes with aluminum wiring are up to 50% more susceptible to fire damage. If your home uses aluminum wiring, call one of our experts to discuss upgrading for the safety of your family and home.

Ungrounded Shocks
Do you get a shock every time you touch a metal object that’s connected to your home’s electrical system? If so, it could mean your system isn’t properly grounded. Sometimes, people confuse these shocks with static electricity, but call an electrician for a safety inspection as soon as possible if it happens regularly.

Loose Outlets
Loose outlets aren’t just an annoyance; they’re a fire and shock risk. Call Point Loma Electric and Plumbing and ask about our outlet upgrade service.

At Point Loma Electric and Plumbing, your safety is our primary concern. If you notice any of these or other electrical issues, take them seriously and call for help.

How To Know You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade

If you’re like most homeowners, you never think about your electrical panel until you have to flip a breaker or replace a fuse. But your electrical panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system, and like anything else, it can wear out over time.

Below are the most common signs saying you need to upgrade your electrical panel.

The average lifespan of an electrical panel is 25 to 40 years and depends on many factors, such as power surges, wear and tear, and manufacturer defects. If your electrical panel is over 25 years old, it can become inefficient and dangerous.

You Notice Burning Odors
A burning odor coming from your electrical panel is cause for concern. When circuit breakers fail or electrical wire melts wood and insulation, it creates a situation of potential fire that can destroy your home.

Frequent Breaker Tripping
Circuit breakers trip to stop the flow of electricity to protect the circuits and your entire electrical system from drawing too much power. However, if you experience frequent breaker trips, it’s usually a sign of a larger problem, such as the electrical panel being overcapacity. If this happens, call an electrical contractor to troubleshoot the problem and determine if an electrical panel upgrade is the solution.

You Added a New Appliance
Homeowners are constantly adding new appliances and gadgets to their homes, quickly drawing more power than the original panel’s capability. If you’ve added a new dishwasher or refrigerator, call an electrician to ensure your system can handle the extra power requirements.
Your Home Uses a Fuse Box
Fuse boxes were revolutionary for the time, but they’re not as convenient, safe, or efficient as breaker panels in today’s world. Also, you may pay more for your homeowner’s insurance by using an old fuse box, and upgrading your electrical panel not only enhances your home’s electrical capability but can reduce your monthly premiums as well.

Your Electrical Panel Buzzes or Hums
You shouldn’t hear loud buzzing or humming coming from your electric panel; if you do, it often means you have a loose connection or faulty wire. Ignoring this problem could lead to damage, so it’s best to call for a safety inspection as soon as possible.

Lights Flicker or Dim When Using Appliances
Your lights shouldn’t dim or flicker when you use an appliance like a microwave, so if this happens, it usually means your current panel is over capacity and needs replacing.

To ensure your family is safe and your home’s electrical system runs efficiently, call one of our certified electricians for a safety inspection.

Check our guarantees and pricing, then contact us to book an appointment.

Why DIY Electrical Repair is a Bad Idea

Everyone likes to save money, and one way to do that is by tackling those minor household repairs yourself. However, some repairs are best left to the professionals, and electrical repair is one.

Here’s why you should trust your home’s electrical repairs to the experts.

Electrical Repairs Can Be Dangerous
Do-it-yourself electrical repairs aren’t like plumbing repairs. If you make a mistake during a plumbing repair, the worst that can happen is you end up with water all over the place. However, making a mistake with electricity can be fatal. Watching a YouTube video doesn’t turn an amateur into a certified electrician; one wrong move and you can be in major trouble. Let a professional electrician handle your electrical troubleshooting and repairs for your safety.

Professionals Have Years of Training & Experience
As mentioned, no amount of YouTube viewing can give you the experience and knowledge of a trained professional. Certified electricians undergo years of education, hands-on training, and apprenticeships to qualify for electrical repairs. This means you get higher quality work and expertise for peace of mind, knowing the job is done the right way and will withstand a building code inspection.

Your Insurance Won’t Cover Mistakes
Suppose something goes wrong during a DIY electrical repair, and your home suffers damage. In that case, it’s unlikely your homeowner’s insurance will cover it if they determine the damage was because of negligence. Also, DIY electrical repairs can void manufacturer’s warranties, so it’s in your best interest to always hire a certified electrician for your home’s electrical work.

For safe, effective, certified electrical repair, trust the Point Loma Electric and Plumbing experts.

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