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How To Tell if Outlets in a Home Can Handle New Halloween Decorating Trends


While most homeowners think of Christmas as the most celebrated holiday with outdoor decorations, Halloween is quickly becoming one of the most popular days to decorate. Just like traditional Christmas decorations, emerging Halloween decorating trends consist of indoor and outdoor lighting, inflatable lawn ornaments, and even Halloween trees. 

The promise of trick-or-treaters is enough to inspire homeowners to go all out in decorating for this festive time. One thing that is rarely considered by homeowners is their home’s ability to support the increased electrical demand placed on it by powered decorations. Keeping homes and visitors safe during this holiday should be at the forefront of every homeowner’s mind, and it all starts with having safe electrical outlets. 

When Should Outlets Be Replaced?

Most components of a home’s plumbing or electrical system have life expectancy and recommendations for scheduled replacements. Electrical outlets are an exception, and there is no definitive recommendation for scheduled replacement. Most outlets are replaced routinely every 10 or 15 years as part of redecorating projects. 

Most often, outlets are replaced out of necessity. Some of the reasons that require an outlet to be replaced are:

All of these are signs that outlets are malfunctioning. Malfunctioning outlets need to be replaced as soon as the problem is noticed because they can lead to dangerous situations involving electrical fires and electrocutions. 

Different Types of Outlets

Most outlets in a home are standard two-prong outlets with a ground. However, there are two types of outlets that are required in certain situations. They are GFCI and AFCI outlets. GFCI stands for “ground fault circuit interrupter.” GFCIs are required by building codes for every outdoor outlet and any outlet within 6 feet of a water source. GFCIs are designed to protect people from unintentional electric shock by sensing changes in current that happen when a person may be exposed to electricity.  

AFCI stands for “arc fault circuit interrupter.” AFCI technology is designed to protect structures from fires that result from electricity arcing. Any time that wiring is damaged, heat can build up to the point that a fire may be started. An AFCI is designed to tell the difference between standard electrical usage and a situation that may start a fire. AFCI technology was initially only available in breakers but is now becoming popular in outlets for retrofits. 

Why Hire Professionals for Outlet Services?

Most municipalities require that licensed professionals do electrical work. That’s why homeowners should always opt for professional help when needing outlet repairs. The benefits of hiring a professional always outweigh the savings of trying to hire someone cheap but unlicensed. A professional will complete the work in a timely manner and be sure that any home they work on is safe and up to code. A professional electrician is trained to know exactly what a home needs and will never try to upsell a homeowner on equipment that is unnecessary. 

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