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When you’re in over your head with a plumbing repair, call Point Loma Electric and Plumbing. We have over 32 years of serving the greater San Diego area and guarantee your satisfaction 100%.

We’ve all been there. Something in your house breaks, and you spend the whole day fixing it by watching videos on YouTube. Sometimes this works, and sometimes the problem remains, and your home is in disarray.

When plumbing problems are out of your area of expertise, and online tutorials sound like gibberish, you need a plumbing company you can count on for safe, effective, guaranteed plumbing repairs.

At Point Loma Electric and Plumbing, we have your back. We’re a locally owned and operated plumbing company, offering a one-stop-shop for all of your plumbing repair and installation needs, including:

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Reasons to Hire a Plumbing Company

When faced with a household plumbing problem, it’s easy to turn to YouTube and other online tutorials for help instead of calling a professional.

Watching YouTube videos makes plumbing repair look easy, but many people get in over their heads and end up calling the pros to bail them out.

While do-it-yourself repairs are okay for minor problems, it’s best to leave the large-scale plumbing jobs to trained professionals.

Here are a few scenarios where hiring a plumbing company will save you time, money, and aggravation.

Installing a Dishwasher or Other Major Appliance
Appliances like dishwashers and washing machines make life so much easier; however, installing these machines is challenging, with the potential for everything to go wrong. Hiring a plumbing company to install a major appliance removes the worry and hassle of these projects and gives you peace of mind, knowing the machine will work as intended.

Plumbing Emergencies
Sometimes, the longer you wait to call for plumbing repair, the worse the damage can get. Whether it’s a leaking pipe or overflowing toilet, calling a professional plumber as soon as possible can mitigate structural damage and help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

Pipe Re-routing
Re-routing a broken pipe is often the best way to fix a problem. But, if you don’t clearly understand your home’s complex plumbing system, you can do more harm than good, which is why this is best left to the professionals.

Major plumbing repairs and installations require specific knowledge, equipment, and skills, and you can’t get that overnight or by watching online tutorials. For your peace of mind and the safety of your property, call a professional plumbing company for all of your major plumbing repairs.

5 Reasons to Hire a Drain Cleaning Company to Unclog Your Drains

Clogged drains are the number one household plumbing problem. And while most homeowners never consider calling a plumbing company for clogged drain repair, here are five reasons you should.

It’s Safer For You & Your Plumbing
When faced with a clogged drain, it’s tempting to use a liquid drain cleaner to solve the problem. These products are inexpensive, easy to use, and seem to be effective.

However, drain cleaners come with many dangers, especially if you overuse them.
First, drain cleaners use highly corrosive chemicals and heat to break up clogs. These chemicals will corrode your pipes and weaken joints with repeated use, leading to leaks and eventual pipe replacement. Second, these chemicals can cause severe burns if they come into contact with your skin. And last, the chemicals in these products are harmful to the environment.

Professional plumbers don’t rely on caustic chemicals to clean drains; their methods are safe for all plumbing systems and the environment.

Unclogging a Drain Might Be More Complicated Than You Think
Depending on the cause of the clog, you may have to disassemble portions of your plumbing system to root out the problem, which is beyond the skill of the typical homeowner. Because professional plumbers have extensive training and knowledge of plumbing systems, they’re better equipped to do the job.

Your Drains Will Be Cleaner
Drain cleaners and other home remedies can break up a clog and restore function for a time, but these methods don’t remove the junk that’s causing the clog, and the problem typically returns. Plumbers use methods like hydro-jetting to remove the material, causing the obstruction, leaving your pipes clean and in like-new condition.

Plumbers Can Identify Problems More Quickly
You know you have a clog, but you probably don’t know where it is in your plumbing system or the cause. Professional plumbers have tools like high-definition cameras that can see deep into your plumbing system to quickly identify the clog’s location and cause, making for a quicker, more efficient repair.

It Saves Time & Aggravation
Your time is valuable, and the last thing you need is to waste hours or days trying to fix a clogged drain. Hiring a professional plumbing company to fix a clogged drain means you can quickly get on with your life, confident that the problem is fixed.

At Point Loma Electric and Plumbing, we have over 32 years of clogged drain repair experience. Contact us today for more information.

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Signs of a Failing Water Heater

Sometimes, running out of hot water could be a sign of too many back-to-back loads of laundry or too many hot showers. However, this and other symptoms could mean your water heater is failing. So, let’s run down the list of the most common signs that your water heater is in danger so you can contact a plumbing company for repair or replacement.

Popping or Knocking Sounds
If your water heater makes odd popping, banging, or knocking sounds, it usually means sediment has built up in the tank. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may fix it by flushing the tank.

Lack of Hot Water
Does your family have to play rock paper scissors every morning to see who gets the shower first because there’s not enough hot water to go around? If your family has grown or you’ve added a bathroom, maybe your current water heater is too small to keep up with the added demands. However, if nothing has changed, perhaps your water heater is getting on in years and isn’t running as efficiently as it used to.

Fluctuating Temperature
The thermostat should stay where you program it, but sometimes, the water isn’t as hot as you like. Sometimes, replacing the thermostat solves the problem, but it may also be a failing heating element. If it’s the latter, it may be more economical to replace the water heater depending on its age.

Water Leaks
If you see water pooling around the water tank’s base, it could be a connection that needs tightening. However, the worst case is that the tank is rusting from the inside, and if that’s the problem, the only solution is to replace your water heater.

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