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3 Big Plumbing Mistakes to Steer Clear of This Year

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Homeowners rarely see a plumbing problem coming from a mile away. Unless they know that one of the kids has flushed a toy down the toilet, plumbing emergencies are generally called emergencies for a reason. They sneak up and catch homeowners by surprise. Fortunately, one can avoid plumbing emergencies with just a little bit of knowledge and a smidge of preparation. There are certain things homeowners should and shouldn’t do if they want to avoid costly plumbing mistakes. And the three things to follow in this article are the most common mistakes people make — and the easiest to avoid. 

Using Caustic Chemicals to Clear Clogs

The first mistake people make is based on convenience. After all, when a homeowner notices that a drain is slowing down or clogging, it’s not like they can drop everything and deal with the situation. Usually, people are too busy to do this. So they grab the liquid drain cleaner under the sink or at the store. They pour it down the drain and then head off to do other things. 

And while these cleaners can and do clear clogs (at least enough to get the water flowing again), they’re doing unseen damage to the plumbing system. The same caustic chemicals that make these products effective cleaners are the ones that can start to cause corrosion in the pipes, especially when used often. In the case of a clogged drain, it’s best to use drain cleaning tactics favored by plumbers, like a drain snake or a professional drain cleaning. 

Avoiding Water Heater Maintenance

This next big plumbing mistake isn’t so much something homeowners do as it’s something they don’t do. In the case of water heater maintenance, neglect can cause major issues, up to and including complete water heater replacement. The fact is, water heater maintenance needs to be done at least twice a year to keep the unit functioning properly and living a long life. 

Sediment builds up inside the water heater, which must be flushed during maintenance. If it isn’t removed periodically, it can cause serious problems, including corrosion in the tank. It’s also important to check the anode rod, as it needs to be replaced periodically. Checking to make sure the heating components are working well is also a huge benefit of twice-yearly water heater maintenance. 

Winging It for Plumbing Installations and Repairs

The last big plumbing mistake on the list is going the DIY route on plumbing projects. While there are certain things that homeowners can and should do themselves when it comes to plumbing, there are also things best left up to a professional plumber. Plumbing installation is one of those things that may sound easy but turn out to be difficult. Leaving big plumbing installation jobs for plumbing professionals can save homeowners both time and money when all is said and done. 

Homeowners that follow the advice above will find that these components of their plumbing system running smoothly. By performing drain maintenance, water heater maintenance, and involving a plumber in any major plumbing projects, homeowners help ensure the health of their plumbing system!

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