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For electrical troubleshooting, installations and upgrades, Point Loma Electric and Plumbing is San Diego’s commercial electrical service solution. Point Loma Electric and Plumbing offers a wide range of commercial electrical services from troubleshooting, electrical repair and upgrades to maintenance. Our experience and knowledge also enables us to provide energy saving and lighting solutions. With our trench-less underground wiring techniques, we’re able to run underground wires with far less disruption and at a lower cost than traditional concrete cutting, trenching and repair methods commonly used by others.

Point Loma Electric and Plumbing offers Commercial Electrical Services and repairs throughout San Diego, CA.

San Diego Commercial Electrical Services

  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Troubleshooting & Electrical Repair
  • Panel Replacement
  • Panel Restoration
  • Panel Upgrades
  • Service Panel Upgrades
  • Additional Circuits
  • Wiring Upgrades
  • Additional Outlets
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Trench-less underground wiring
  • Landscape lighting repair & installation
  • Code Updates & Corrections
  • Electrical Safety Inspections

Electrical Installation & Upgrades

Are your breakers tripping when multiple home appliances are plugged in? Flickering lights or outlets that don't work correctly? You may want to consider an electrical upgrade. This could happen if electrical panels and circuit breakers are old, bad or have a burnt connection point.
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Electrical Safety Checkup

Residential Electrical systems have a typical lifespan of 25-30 years. Electrical fires, electrocution and electric shock injuries are the most common threats in regards to your electrical safety.
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Electrical Code Violations & Safety Inspections

Our electricians will provide your company with a thorough electrical code inspection to ensure your system is up to the National Electrical Code’s standards. If we find something that is not up to code, we can upgrade while on the job site.
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Lighting Service & Installation

Every home should have proper interior and exterior lighting. From bright light for working to soothing low levels of lighting to relax, installation of dimmers and recessed lighting can make a great difference in how your room looks and feels.

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Aluminum and Copper Wiring

During the 1970's, aluminum wiring became quite popular and was extensively used. Since then, aluminum wiring has been implicated in a number of house fires and is no longer permitted in new electrical installations.
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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

After years of research and speculation, the widespread production of the electric vehicle (EV) is a reality. EV charge stations are becoming a necessary amenity for home owners and commercial property owners.
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