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How To Fix (and How Not To Fix) a Blocked Drain
2 Ways To Unclog a Drain - Plus 1 Way To Make It Worse! It's an all-too-familiar tale: First, water starts going down the drain…
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Go Back To School Safely with Home Electrical 101
Learn About Your Home’s Electrical Systems - Starting with the Basics Of all the aspects of a modern home, the electrical system probably gets the…
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Read These Patriotic Plumbing Facts to Celebrate Fourth of July
Surprisingly True Plumbing Facts Fourth of July is fast approaching, and homeowners and their families must ready themselves to celebrate in style. And what better…
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Make the Best Backyard Atmosphere for Summer Cookouts!
Get the Backyard Ready for Summer Fun! There’s nothing quite like the feel of a breeze on a summer night. The moon overhead and stars…
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Don’t Let Clogged Outdoor Plumbing Wreck Your Fun Spring Plans!
An Outdoor Plumbing Mishap Can Spoil the Fun This Spring Everyone loves spending time outside in the spring - soaking up the mild sun, enjoying…
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Celebrate Earth Day by Exploring Alternative Energy!
Saving the Planet One Alternative Energy Source at a Time As the repercussions of modern industry’s fuel sources became clear, the world started to search…
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The Impact of Women in Plumbing
The Role of Women in Shaping Modern Day Plumbing Picture the average plumber. For most people, they conjure up an image of a man in…
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Eco-Friendly Electricity in the White House
The History of Electrical Power in the White House After 220 years, a lot has changed with building technology. The White House was completed in…
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Ring in the New Year With a New Water Heater!
Time To Replace the Water Heater? 3 Signs That Say "Yes It Is!" Imagine starting the new year without hot water - talk about a…
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Check These Safety Tips Twice This Holiday Season
Don’t Let an Electrical Fire Ruin the Festivities There’s no doubt that the joys of holiday merriment are on everyone’s minds. As the days get…
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