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Celebrate Earth Day by Exploring Alternative Energy!
Saving the Planet One Alternative Energy Source at a Time As the repercussions of modern industry’s fuel sources became clear, the world started to search…
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The Impact of Women in Plumbing
The Role of Women in Shaping Modern Day Plumbing Picture the average plumber. For most people, they conjure up an image of a man in…
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Eco-Friendly Electricity in the White House
The History of Electrical Power in the White House After 220 years, a lot has changed with building technology. The White House was completed in…
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Ring in the New Year With a New Water Heater!
Time To Replace the Water Heater? 3 Signs That Say "Yes It Is!" Imagine starting the new year without hot water - talk about a…
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Check These Safety Tips Twice This Holiday Season
Don’t Let an Electrical Fire Ruin the Festivities There’s no doubt that the joys of holiday merriment are on everyone’s minds. As the days get…
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Give Thanks for Working Garbage Disposals!
The Garbage Disposal Might Be the Thanksgiving Kitchen’s Savior! Picture this - it’s the day before Thanksgiving, and mashed potatoes for 30 guests need to…
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How To Tell if Outlets in a Home Can Handle New Halloween Decorating Trends
Halloween Trees and Twinkling Lights Are the New Trend While most homeowners think of Christmas as the most celebrated holiday with outdoor decorations, Halloween is…
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How To Choose a Water Softener
Tips for Homeowners Shopping for Water Softeners Many homeowners are familiar with the woes that are caused by hard water. One moment the plumbing system…
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How Can Lighting Automation Bring Your Home to the Next Level?
Why You Should Have Automated Lights Installed After the invention of the electrical digital computer in 1940, Lighting automation was created and quickly became a…
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Are Plumbers Needed for Bathroom Remodeling?
When to Call a Plumber During Bathroom Remodeling Home remodeling projects can be really exciting and fun, especially for those who spend a lot of…
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