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COVID-19 Updates

We Are Open and Ready to Serve You

The entire world is currently in uncharted territory with the steps being taken worldwide to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

During these challenging times, we all still need hot water, electricity and toilets that flush.  Our technicians are taking every precaution including communicating by cell phone from outside your home and careful sanitizing. For our valued customers over 65, ask us about picking up your prescriptions or an item or 2 from the store on our way to your home

In an effort to protect our vulnerable citizens and avoid potentially overwhelming our infrastructure; people and companies are taking action to do their part and we are as well.

We are sharing the steps that we are taking to protect our customers as well as our employees so you can be confident that we will be able to assist you as needed.

We take this responsibility to our clients, our employees and the community very seriously and will do everything possible to ensure that both you and our technicians are as safe as possible.

Here Are the Steps We Are Taking:

  • We are asking anyone with a cold, flu or flu-like symptoms to stay home
  • Our technicians have been given formalized safety guidelines to protect themselves and others
  • Everyone has been instructed not to shake hands and to maintain a safe distance of at least 6 feet.
  • We will perform a disinfectant wipe down of our equipment (ipads, phones, tools, vehicle interior), any areas we touch as well as high touch areas in your home such as door handles, countertops, light switches, plumbing fixture handles etc…
  • Our technicians put on fresh shoe covers before entering your home to avoid tracking anything from one location to another
  • All of our technicians have masks, gloves and wipes for both your protection and theirs
  • Our scheduling staff is asking customers if anyone in their home is ill, or may have potentially been exposed before sending our technicians out
  • Technicians will communicate with you by cell phone or facetime from outside your home in order to minimize potential contact
  • If you are over 65, as a value added service, our technicians will stop by your pharmacy, or a nearby store to pick up your prescription or an item or two and bring it to you when they come to your home to resolve your issue.  Of course that will depend on the distance from you home, availability of the items and the time available for them to stop. We will do our very best to help save you from making a trip out.

Please let our office staff know so we can make arrangements with the technician.

Please Stay Safe and Stay Inside

From all of us to all of you- please be careful and stay safe. We are hopeful that this will pass sooner than later so that normal life can resume. In the meantime we will do our best to keep you comfortable and everyone safe.


Jamie Dent, Owner
and Team PLE & P

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