Landscape Lighting

Low voltage landscape lighting systems are safe, economical, energy efficient and provide numerous benefits for home and business owners in San Diego. Outdoor lighting can be used to provide safe access near paths, parking lots and entry areas. Exterior lighting increases security by discouraging potential intruders, and the beauty of a storefront or office building can be dramatically enhanced by showcasing architectural and plant features with dramatic landscape lighting techniques.

Did you know? Landscape lighting consistently tops the National Association of Home Builder’s list of most wanted outdoor features in its annual ‘What Home Buyers Really Want’ survey: 41% of buyers rate landscape lighting as “essential”.

San Diego Landscape Lighting Ideas

One common technique is uplighting, which focuses light and attention on an object from a low fixture location. The object can be a shrub, tree or architectural feature like a gazebo or arbor. Similarly, downlighting or moonlighting is a landscape lighting technique that illuminates general areas for safety, security and aesthetics. Fixtures and lamps are chosen for the required brightness and width of illumination on a certain area from above.

Pathlighting is another technique that uses low fixtures which direct illumination down and outward. They are used along walks, stairs and anywhere else that safe night access is required. Backlighting, or silhouette lighting, provides a special effect by illuminating a fairly large surface (like a wall) using a wash light fixture. This causes objects in front of the lighting to appear as silhouettes.

Numerous other San Diego landscape lighting techniques, and combinations of techniques, are available to increase your company’s security, safety, and professional appearance. With the expertise of our San Diego electricians, you can rest assured that your landscape lighting project will be infused with both aesthetics and practicality. At Point Loma Electric we strive to offer exceptional San Diego landscape lighting design and installation services that are certain to improve the image of your business at night. Contact us today to request service, and illuminate your landscape!

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