Electric Vehicle Charger Stations

After years of research and speculation, the widespread production of the electric vehicle (EV) is a reality. Most major auto manufacturers, along with dozens of new electric vehicle manufacturers, are producing vehicles that are partially or entirely powered by rechargeable batteries. As auto manufacturers launch their electric vehicles, drivers share the common concern of running out of power on the road. Range Anxiety is a key barrier to the acceptance of electric vehicles.

While all San Diego drivers of electric vehicles will be able to charge at home, commercial charging infrastructure is lacking. Installation of Level 2 (240V/30A) commercial charging stations at places of work, recreation and leisure alleviates this concern. With an expansive network of commercial charging stations in easily accessible locations, there are no limits to the electric vehicle revolution in San Diego.

Electric Vehicle Charger Stations in San Diego

San Diego electric vehicle chargers and charge stations are designed for home owners and commercial property owners in need of an amenity for their tenants, clients and customers plug-in electric vehicles. Installing electric vehicle charging stations signifies site sustainability. Installation of an EV charging station is a symbol for environmentally conscious sites and practices.

EV charge stations are becoming a necessary amenity for progressive commercial facilities. Electric vehicles are becoming more popular among tenants, clients and customers, increasing the need for widely available EV charge stations. Electric vehicle charging stations are an attractive selling point to potential building occupants.

The International Code Council (ICC) and the American Institute of Architects are working to develop an International Green Construction Code, effective in 2012. The code will cover all spectrums of sustainable design and construction, including a requirement for alternative-fuel vehicle parking, similar to the requirement for handicap parking spaces. The code is expected to require that buildings in excess of 10,000 square feet and an occupant load of 100 provide 5%, but not less than 2 parking spaces, designated for low-emission, hybrid and electric vehicles. These are changes that will affect everyone, and they are just around the corner.

Most EV charge stations are set up to accept credit cards or special pre-paid or pre-approved access cards. Just like at a gas station, drivers of electric vehicles can simply swipe their card and recharge. Property owners and managers can choose to provide unrestricted charging initially, but will have the ability to recoup their electric expense or even generate revenue. EV charging stations allow San Diego property owners to determine the type of access they want to allow and the fee they want to charge per hour of connectivity.

There is space on most San Diego electric vehicle charger stations which can be used for charge station owners to advertise their business or their tenants business, products or services. Relevant site information such as building or store hours and or other courtesy information can also be displayed here.

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