My Power Is Out What Should I Do?

If your power is out:

If the power is out in just part of your house:
First check your electrical panel to see if you have a tripped circuit or blown fuse. If your breaker is tripped, reset it by first firmly pushing it to the OFF position and then firmly turning it back ON. If the breaker does not reset there are a number of issues that could be the cause.

A blown fuse or tripped breaker is a warning that there may be an overload in the electrical circuit or that there may be a defective appliance plugged into the circuit.

If the power is out on one circuit there are a number of possible causes. First check to see if there are any GFCI receptacles on the circuit or nearby. GFCI or GFI outlets have 2 button on them. One is usually marked TEST and the other RESET. Firmly press the reset button and see if that restores power to the circuit. Look around carefully. Sometimes there are GFCI receptacles in places you don’t expect such as inside of cabinets or hidden behind furniture.

If the power is out in multiple areas:

There may be a problem in your electrical panel or fuse box. It is possible that there is a problem with your main breaker. If the main breaker is tripped you can try to reset it If you are on the west coast the main breaker is usually located above the rest of the breakers in your electrical panel. If you are going to try to reset the main breaker you should first turn off the rest of the breakers in the panel to avoid turning the power back on under full load and potentially damaging your main breaker. If your main breaker is tripped, this is a symptom that there is a problem in your electrical system. It is a good idea to call a local licensed electrician to evaluate your electrical system and determine the cause of the problems.

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